Omani Frankincense
Omani Frankincense

Omani Frankincense

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Sourced directly from the traders at Salalah's famed souk. This frankincense blend contains the two highest grades, Hoojri and Najdi, both harvested in the green mountains and rocky deserts of the Dhofar region by traditional methods used by local Bedouins for thousands of years.

The Story

Suhail Al-Mahri is a Bedouin guide living in Salalah, Oman. Al-Mahri is from Oman’s largest tribe of Bedouins, the Al-Mahri, from which he takes his name. Bedouins usually spend harvest season taking shelter from the heat, wind or even rain within the caves of the wadis where the resin is found. Al-Mahri, along with many of his tribesmen, continues to believe in the medicinal and mythic attributes of frankincense, known locally as Al-Luban, meaning “from milk.”