Kogi Mochila
Kogi Mochila

Kogi Mochila

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These fique mochila bags were woven by the women of the Kogi tribe living in the Sierra Nevada of Northern Colombia. The process for making the bags starts with the extraction of the fiber from the maguey fique plant and the preparation of natural dyes by members of the community. Each bag is woven by hand and is said to carry the positive desires that the woman imparts into it during its creation. Designs may vary slightly from images shown.

The Story

Mamo Ferdinand is a Kogi village chief living in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Northern Colombia. The Kogi tribe are the most secluded tribe of Colombia’s remaining indigenous communities, living at one with the land and in total dedication to helping restore the human bond with Mother Earth through endless acts of tribute and offerings as protection. The nearest Kogi settlement is nearly two hours into the steep jungle mountain terrain and requires special permissions, often including the examinations of your energy and intentions through deep eye gazing, to enter their land. Every act of their life is deeply intentional, including the creation of their mochila bags, traditionally made from the natural dyed fibers from the maguey plant, more commonly known as fique.