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Gros Sel

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Gros Sel, or coarse salt, consists of large crystals transpiring a light grey color due to their interaction with the nutritive clay earth. It is hand-harvested by salt workers in Île de Ré, France and has a subtle flavor and crisp texture that makes it perfect for cooking. Now available in a 250g portion.

The Art of Sea Salt

Brice Collonier is a saunier, or salt worker, collecting salt on the French island of Île de Ré in a tradition that dates back to the twelfth century when it was introduced by Cistercian monks. 

Brice is amongst a new generation of salt workers that have rediscovered this craft that was nearly abandoned on the isle. He carves and reshapes the landscape continually, according to the winds and temperature, resulting in the cultivation of two natural, hand-crafted products - the highly nutritive, grey-hued gros sel and the rich in flavor, pure white fleur de sel.