Fakarava Black Pearl Necklace
Fakarava Black Pearl Necklace

Fakarava Black Pearl Necklace

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This Tahitian black pearl pearl necklace features a singular large cultured pearl sourced from the UNESCO biosphere reserve, Fakarava, by a family of pearl farmers using the traditional cultivation techniques introduced to the Tahiti islands in the Sixties. The pearl is strung on a matte black rubber strand for an understated, modern feel.

The Story of the Black Pearl

Hugo Dariel is a second generation pearl cultivator on the Tuamotu Atoll of Fakarava in the French Polynesia. The culture of pearling made its way to the atolls just over thirty years ago, with Hugo's parents serving as the pioneers on Fakarava. Although the pearl produced by the Polynesian black lip oyster, pinctada margeritifera, is relatively new to the pearl cultivation world, it is the only cultured pearl that nature works in mysterious ways to produce in a spectrum of hues, shapes and sizes.